The Moslems are Coming: Encounters with a Desktop Terrorist
The Moslems are Coming: Encounters with a Desktop Terrorist
Author : Azad Essa

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Publisher : HarperCollins

ISBN 13 : 9789350294390

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About the Book:

‘Azad Essa, a Bollywood-soaked, Indian-battered, black South African-tinged, accidental academic and incidental journalist who has seen India and Kashmir, India better, in Kashmir, Pakistan, the so- called Middle East and Europe leaves no holy cows untainted ... nay he even imagines them as beefburgers. The taunting is fast and furious and is bound to irritate many men and a few women in power. Despite all that, some of the best caricatures are of himself drawn as a comical cartoon in a baffling world of contradictions.

Azad Essa is a young South African going places. He doesn’t drink but he’s not scared of a pub; he’s Muslim but he has a sense of humor; he’s young but he’s savvy and politically aware. And he’s got opinions worth listening to. The Moslems are Coming tackles race and religion head-on, provides an alternative take on the enigma of Julius Malema, gives fresh insight into the Israel–Palestine conflict, casts new light on old stereotypes, vents the frustrations and fears of the next generation–and ultimately offers us all hope for the future.


About the Author:

Azad Essa is a journalist with the Al Jazeera Network. He completed a multinational MA programme in sociology in 2005, studying in Germany, India and South Africa, and spent several years in academia before launching his journalism career. He has reported on the scars of the conflict in Kashmir, human displacement in the drought-ravaged Horn of Africa, and on the peculiarities of life in post Apartheid SA. He calls Durban home. This is his first book.

Binding : Paperback
ISBN 10 : 9350294390
ISBN 13 : 9789350294390
Date of Publishing : 2012
Language : English
Number of Pages: 256