The Illustrated Guide to Living with Diabetes in India
The Illustrated Guide to Living with Diabetes in India
Author : The LWDI Community

List Price : 295

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Publisher : Medulla

ISBN 13 : 9788179917718

Edition : 2013


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About the Book:

Table of Contents


    Living with diabetes in India? You are not alone
  • 5 First things that people with diabetes should know
  • 4 Keys to successful management of diabetes

Eating Right

    Components of a healthy balanced diet
  • Diabetes meal planning methods
  • Practical tips to make your meals healthier
  • Healthy breakfast choices
  • Snacking ideas that keep your blood glucose in check
  • Additional diet care for special conditions


    6 Reasons to exercise if you have diabetes
  • Planning and preparing for an exercise regimen
  • 5 Strategies to stay motivated with your exercise plan
  • Physical activity for elderly with diabetes
  • Physical activity for pregnant women with diabetes
  • Understanding fluctuations in blood glucose levels and how blood glucose
  • Basic supplies required for self-monitoring
  • Choosing the right glucose monitoring device
  • Information you need before starting on insulin
  • Understanding your medicines for diabetes-related ailments
  • Keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy
  • Keeping your nerves healthy
  • Keeping your eyes healthy
  • Keeping your skin healthy
  • Keeping your reproductive and urinary systems healthy
  • Diabetes and tobacco use: Staying smoke-free
  • Diabetes and depression: Staying happy
  • PS: 3 Things to remember

Edition : 2013
Binding : Paperback
ISBN 10 : 8179917711
ISBN 13 : 9788179917718
Language : English