The Best Thing About You Is You!
The Best Thing About You Is You!
Author : Anupam Kher

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Publisher : Hay House

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About the Book:


In his book, celebrated Bollywood and theatre actor Anupam Kher talks about his life's lessons and experiences, and the benefits of looking at our fast-paced modern lives through a positive lens. Kher motivates his readers by sharing his inspiring success story from humble beginnings, the insights he's gained from surviving in a cut-throat industry, and wisdom and tips that help in finding inner peace and well-being.

If you're looking for a practical guide to life's big questions, Anupam Kher's The Best Thing About You is You is a great handbook to begin with. Kher cites several real life examples of how people rise from their mundane lives to the peak of success, plainly through their belief in themselves and a positive attitude. He also manages to maintain a practical stance, and shares his advice on handling success.

Through the book, fans and readers will also be privy to Kher's insights on a wider range of topics like dealing with change, dealing with relationships, anger management, realizing your inner power, and putting up with death and loss. Kher's mantra is that the best possible way to take on negativity is by adorning a positive outlook to everything, so that you can extract the most out of your life.


About the Author:


Anupam Kher is an Indian actor who has acted in more than 450 films and nearly 100 plays.

This is Kher's first tryst with the literary world. He has a very lucid and simple way of writing and uses excerpts from his life and plays to make his readers understand his concepts on positivity.

Anupam Kher made his film debut in the 1982 movie Aagmaan, and during the course of his career, he has held prestigious positions at the National School of Drama and has been the Chairman of the Censor Board. A producer and director to boot, Kher is married to popular actress Kirron Kher and they have a son who's also a part of the film industry, Sikander Kher.

Binding : Hardcover
ISBN 10 : 9381431177
ISBN 13 : 9789381431177
Date of Publishing : 2011-12-28
Language : English
Number of Pages: 226