One To Tango...Ria's Odyssey
One To Tango...Ria's Odyssey
Author : Kamlesh Tripathi

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Publisher : Pigeon Books

ISBN 13 : 9789382025030

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About the Book:

Part I : All this modern brag about women's-lib, male-bashing appeared as poster signs for the erudite to read and jostle through this not-so-good world, as you still had the Ria's of the world to be saved from the callous studs and the bitchy hens of the 'scheming jungle' called 'society'.

Part II : 'Come to the point, Zarine...what do I do to sort out lives?'
'What do you dream for Ria?'
'Good question...Viren-no.Viren...I want Ria to be happy in her forced singlehood; replied Viren.'

'Then don't think of moving out on her, plan to rust on the sense create situations where she comes and tells you she is no interested in you because of...these...these appears she holds you on high pedestal. Start lowering your pedestal and do all of that in a subtle way and in no way direct.'

Part III : 'The premise of your friendship is quite chaste as I understand from your e-mail. She was ditched by her boy friends...rejected by suitors, cold shouldered by sister and left to live by...helpless parents. A personality afflicted and wounded by fellow human beings...and in the middle of all this, she found you as her saviour and fell in love. I don't blame her...Viren. You represent the...Dodos on this planet, they are not extinct, they live in you. Why couldn't I get this Dodo when I was undergoing my bad time,' the affection in Zarine's tone was, as if oozing out of the mouth-piece.

Part IV : 'Singlehood' her was a curse. An assortment of...personal abuse, insecurity, vulnerability...incest, dirty eyes and hands.

Part V : Unusal...ending


About the Author:

Kamlesh Tripathi has been in the Corporate arena for more than 33 years. He has worked for Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Escorts Ltd., Reliance Industries Ltd and Reliance Retail Ltd. During his long career, he has held important positions, assignments and worked in many states and cities across India.

He happens to be the son of Late Mr. K.P. Tripathi, Member of the first Parliament of India and Ex-Finance Minister of Assam.

His first title 'GLOOM BEHIND THE SMILE', was a real life story of his late son 'Shravan,' a child cancer patient.

His passion for writing has persuaded him to pen-down his second title 'One to Tango...Ria's odyssey' on singlehood...a social issue.

He lives with his wife, Sujata and son, Kartik, Loves reading enjoys music and is a regular golfer.

He has lived in Shilong, Lucknow, Delhi, NCR, Jaipur, Chennai and Mumbai.

He also runs his Trust, 'SHRAVAN CHARTY MISSION', that works for child patients suffering from life-threatening diseases.

The proceeds of this book would be spent on child cancer patients.

Binding : Paperback
ISBN 10 : 9382025030
ISBN 13 : 9789382025030
Language : English
Number of Pages: 130