Holy Cow Combo (Set Of 5 Books)
Holy Cow Combo (Set Of 5 Books)
Author : Akshay Dhar , Shweta Taneja , Soumya Das , Vijayendra Mohanty , Vivek Goel

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Publisher : Holy Cow Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN 13 : 9785111121424

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About the Book:


 Holy Cow Combo (Set Of 5 Books)

The set includes following 5 titles:
1.) Were House (Volume 1)
2.) Ravanayan (Book 1)
3.) Ravanayan (Issue 2)
4.) Ravanayan (Issue 3)
5.) Ravanayan (Issue 4)

 Were House (Volume 1)
Enter a new and unique world of shape-shifting with this debut collection from Holy Cow Comics. Three independent one-shots that take you from ancient India to the present day and to a far-flung future reality, each with its own signature animal.

Written by a trio of new scribe Soumya Das, Akshay Dhar and Shweta Taneja each one-shot bears its own signature style of story-telling and excitement! And the pages are rendered with stellar black and white artwork filled with all the detail, action and intensity needed to bring the stories to life by publisher and artist Vivek Goel, a fast-rising name in Indian comics.

For fans of action, scifi, fantasy, horror and some good old-fashion blood and guts this book promises a gratifying smorgasbord!

Ravanayan, the epic saga of King Ravana of Lanka is in its final stages. The groundwork for the war has been laid. The armies of gods and demons have been summoned and destiny has been played out.

The lord of Lanka, from the shadows, has manipulated events all across Aryavarta and has caused gods, men, and vanaras to consider him a mortal threat to everything they hold dear. Unbeknownst to any of them, Ravana has merely been playing out the events of a story told to him by the almighty Brahma. In keeping with Brahma's Ramayana, Ravana  fought the gods, ripped his own family apart, and sowed the seeds of discord in the power structures of Aryavarta.

Now, the eve of one of the most devastating wars in India's itihasa marks the beginning of the end of Ravanayan, one of the most well-received comic book series of the year. The enchanting finale to the series will contain three chapters in addition to bonus art, insights into the making of Ravanayan, and more.

If you have been a part of Ravana's journey till now, it is time you took this one last leap with him.


Binding : Paperback
ISBN 10 : 5111121420
ISBN 13 : 9785111121424
Date of Publishing : 2012-2011
Language : English
Number of Pages: 190