Author : Dr Vaibhav Bharat

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Publisher : Kalam Books

ISBN 13 : 9788189477172

Edition : 2

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About the Book:

The book contains December (2011, 2010, 2009) and June (2011, 2010, 2009) papers with Explanatory answers. It also contains information about pass percentage of DNB through RTI.

You can preview the book here: http://bit.ly/H86CAA 

Table of Contents

  • DNB Pass percentage through RTI
  • Primary DNB CET December 2011 Questions      
  • Primary DNB CET December 2011 Answers      
  • Primary DNB CET June 2011 Questions      
  • Primary DNB CET June 2011 Answers      
  • Primary DNB CET December 2010 Questions     
  • Primary DNB CET December 2010 Answers     
  • Primary DNB CET June 2010 Questions      
  • Primary DNB CET June 2010 Answers      
  • Primary DNB CET December 2009 Questions     
  • Primary DNB CET December 2009 Answers     
  • Primary DNB CET June 2009 Questions      
  • Primary DNB CET June 2009 Answers      

APPENDIX-1: Cranial nerve motor nuclei     
APPENDIX-2: Types of cartilage      
APPENDIX-3: Gait abnormality      
APPENDIX-4: Lymphatic drainage of perineal structures   
APPENDIX-5: Adult derivatives & vestigial remains of embryonic urogenital structures
APPENDIX-6: Brachial arches       
APPENDIX-7: Brachial plexus lesions      
APPENDIX-8: Dermatomal distribution      
APPENDIX-9: Vertebral levels       
APPENDIX-10: Common types of covering Epithelia in human body  
APPENDIX-11: Sleep physiology      
APPENDIX-12: Hypothalamic nuclei     
APPENDIX-13: Mechanoreceptors      
APPENDIX-14: Renal physiology      
APPENDIX-15: Tracts of spinal cord     
APPENDIX-16: Types of hypoxia      
APPENDIX-17: Lysosomal storage disorders    
APPENDIX-18: Glycogen storage disorders    
APPENDIX-19: Cytokines       
APPENDIX-20: Immunoglobulins      
APPENDIX-21: Hypersensitivity reaction    
APPENDIX-22: Acute infectious diarrhea     
APPENDIX-23: Viral inclusion bodies     
APPENDIX-24: Histology/Pathology/Microbiology stains  
APPENDIX-25: Few important bodies in medical science   
APPENDIX-26: Tumor markers      
APPENDIX-27: Apoptosis vs. Necrosis     
APPENDIX-28: Markers of hepatitis B     
APPENDIX-29: Translocations      
APPENDIX-30: Types of collagen & associated diseases   
APPENDIX-31: Human papilloma virus     
APPENDIX-32: Teratogen       
APPENDIX-33: Chemical kinetics of drugs    
APPENDIX-34: FDA Approved monoclonal antibodies   
APPENDIX-35: Classifi cation of epileptic seizures & Antiepileptic drugs
APPENDIX-36: Cephalosporins      
APPENDIX-37: Cancer chemotherapy- classifi cation, toxicity, amelioration 
APPENDIX-38: Neuroleptics side eff ects     
APPENDIX-39: Causes of Gynecomastia     
APPENDIX-40: Drugs used in Arrhythmias    
APPENDIX-41: Physical methods of torture and corporal punishment 
APPENDIX-42: Antidote       
APPENDIX-43: Mosquito       
APPENDIX-44: Food Adulterants      
APPENDIX-45: Health planning committee    
APPENDIX-46: Types of vaccine      
APPENDIX-47: Demographic cycle     
APPENDIX-48: Types of Tympanogram     
APPENDIX-49: Paranasal sinuses      
APPENDIX-50: Bleeding/Coagulation disorders    
APPENDIX-51: Autoantibodies      
APPENDIX-52: Types of anemia      
APPENDIX-53: Obstructive vs Restrictive lung disease   
APPENDIX-54: ECG changes      
APPENDIX-55: Complications of massive blood transfusion  
APPENDIX-56: Hereditary colon cancer syndromes   
APPENDIX-57: Types of nerve injuries     
APPENDIX-58: Congenital adrenal hyperplasia    
APPENDIX-59: Major histopathological categories of Ovarian carcinoma
APPENDIX-60: FIGO Staging of ovarian carcinoma   
APPENDIX-61: FIGO Staging of cervical cancer 
APPENDIX-62: TNM Staging of Breast cancer 
APPENDIX-63: Complete & Partial Hydatidiform mole
APPENDIX-64: Tocolytic agents   
APPENDIX-65: Sexually transmitted diseases 
APPENDIX-66: Investigation of choice  
APPENDIX-67: Isotopes used in Radiotherapy 
APPENDIX-68: Alphabetical list of eponymous fractures
APPENDIX-69: Infl uenza a virus subtype H1N1 
APPENDIX-70: Health related days 
APPENDIX-71: HPV Vaccine- Cervarix
APPENDIX-72: Withdrawal Symptoms
APPENDIX-73: Subtypes of Schizophrenia
APPENDIX-74: Diseases due to helminths

Edition : 2
Binding : Paperback
ISBN 13 : 9788189477172
Date of Publishing : 2012
Language : English
Number of Pages: 894