Blitz - The IT Quiz Book: The Definitive Tome of IT Quizzing
Blitz - The IT Quiz Book: The Definitive Tome of IT Quizzing
Author : Raveesh Mayya

Our Price : 185

Publisher : Sapna

ISBN 13 : 9788128005800

Edition : 3

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About the Book:

This book contains 365 pages of sheer IT knowledge. The contents are categorized into 10 Chapters :

Chapter 1 : Must Know IT

Did you know that Bill Gates's full name is William Henry Gates III?
Did you know that the father of Information theory was Claude Shannon?
Did you know that 1st search application of primitive internet was VERONICA and not Google?
Did you know that the previous name of Oracle was Relation Software Inc. (RSI)?
Did you know that The Road Ahead is authored by Mr. Bill Gates?
Did you know that Infinite Loop could be found in Apple Company’s headquarters?
Did you know that the ex-CEO of Autodesk, Carol Bartz is now the CEO of YAHOO! ?
Did you know that the Southern Pacific Railroad INTernal Communications is now known as SPRINT?

You will find a collection of such wonderful facts which is a Must Know Fact for every quizzer

Chapter 2 : Firsties First

This Chapter is a unique collection of First time Accomplishments in IT World.

The Following are the sub-chapters

Programs, Programming Language and OS

The 1st Artificial Intelligence programming language is ___________
The 1st Wordprocessor with true WYSIWYG features is ____________
The 1st Operating System ever to run on a Computer is _________

Network and internet

The 1st Borwser, written by Sir Tim Berners Lee is ___________
The 1st spam e-mail was sent by ____________
World's 1st Wiki web is ___________


World's 1st commertial MODEM is ________
World's 1st Supercomputer is ________
1st IBM Pc Clone was by ____________ company


The 1st Commercial CD was manufactured by _________
Which company conceptualised and manufactured the 1st Light Scribe DVD ?


The First virus to affect Linux systems is ________
The 1st antivirus service to stop the virus in e-mails is __________


World's 1st Cyberpunk Novel is ________
World's 1st Public Key Cryptography is _________
The 1st photocopier is from which company?

There are about 300 such questions in the latest edition.

Chapter 3 : Games ! Games !! Games !

This Chapter is dedicated to All the gamers and Gaming enthusuasts. This chapter contains 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on

History of Gaming
Game Publishers
Gaming Consoles

A Few Example Questions

The Creator of the Game Tetris is ____________
Alexey Pazithnov
Nolan Bushnell
John Romero
Rahph Baer

Wes Cherry is related to Microsoft for developing __________

Alt+Ctrl+delete interrupt
Windows Logo
Minesweeper Game

What do you call the Controller of Sony Playstation 3 ?
Six Axis


Chapter 4 : Power to create IT

This Chapter is dedicated for all the folks who dared to Think Differently and elevated the comfort level of the World through their inventions/innovations.

This Chapter contains

Trivia on Founders
Who are the founders of Yahoo! ?
The company Juniper Networks is found by ____________
Who created the uncyclopedia, a website parodying Encyclopedia?

Developers and Inventors
Who developed the TCP IP Protocol?
Who is the driving force behind Ubuntu The Linux Operating System?
Who invented the Telepresence technlolgy?

Programming Languages

A list of popular programming languages, their key features, the programming model and their prime applications has been populated in this chapter.

Chapter 5 : Acronyms

This Book contains about 2800 plus Tech-Related abbriviations in its 1st edition. The second edition will have still more abbriviations.

Some Examples

MPEG - Motion Picture Expert Group

CSS - Cascading Style Steets

CORBA - Common Object Request Broker Architecture

YAHOO - Yet Another Hierarchial Officious Oracle

ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Chapter 6 : SWADESH, We Indians

The contributions of Indians in the world of IT is very significant and prominent. A lots of innovations/inventions are attributed to the hardwork of Indians

To list a few of Our Achievements

The Co-founder of Sun Microsystems is Vinod Khosla
The person who coined the term Pentium is Vinod Dham
Founder and creator of Hotmail is Sabeer Bhatia
Chief Executive of McKinsey n Co is Rajat Gupta
GM of Hewlett Packard is Rajiv Gupta
Chief Executive officer of Vodafone is Arun Sarin
President of AT&T-Bell Labs had been Arun Netravali
Founder of Bose Audio is Amar Bose
The concept of Google News is by Krishna Bharat

This Chapter, made of 90 MCQs, is dedicated to all Indians and the Indian companies because of whom India is Shining globally

The punch-line The Definitive Tome of IT Quizzing defines what the book is, a handy cook-book for enthusiast IT quizzers.

The genre of topics contained in the book is such that it is ought to satisfy all kinds of readers :
Gaming enthusiasts
Amateur/professional quizzers
Tech savvy readers
IT job aspirants and so on

Chapter 7 : Internet Fever

Internet is ubiquitous today with about 1.6 billion of the world population, roughly 25% of the total population, its the best thing. Almost every work of ours happen via net, may it be chatting with friends, making new riends, watch movies, read/write emails, buy stuffs, earn knowledge etc. This chapter tries to familiarize internet lingos, terminologies etc to its readers.

Country Domain Names
A Sneek Peak At search Engines
IEEE 802 Standards
Hacker's Manifesto
Some Popular Hacker Groups
Hackers Who shook the Internet World
Hacker Conferences
A Sneek peak at popular Web Browsers
Social Networking Sites

Chapter 8 : I'm Loving IT

This chapter contains a huge collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). This chapter is constantly updated, adding new and happening questions, eliminating the irrelavent questions etc

125 MCQs on IT Companies

Example : Which company recently acquired WebEx?
Cisco Systems
Texas Instruments

80 MCQs on IT Personalities

Example : What's so special about th main Photographer of Larry Ellison's Wedding?

He happened to be the richest man on Earth then
He happens to be the CEO of Apple Inc
He happens to be just 18 months old
He happens to be the Best Photographer of India, Based out of Bangalore

125 Miscellaneous IT Questions

Example : Last Year, Brian L Fisher discovered a new species of ants in Madagascar, using a satellite imagery service of a web 2.0 giant. He named it as ___________ as a respect to the great service by the company.

Google Earth Ants
MSN Virtual Earth Ants
Keyhole Ants
Bit Torrent Ants

Chapter 9 : What's in a Name

This is a new chapter added in the August 2009 edition. This chapter contains the codenames of various softwares/features by different companies which usually end up in a quiz show.

TLatest Addition : October 2011
Chapter 10 : The Comprehensive IT Timeline

The timeline consists of (almost) all the important incidents and events in the IT world. The main thing about the chapter is, it doesn't just list the incidents. It also looks at the effects and inferences of the same.
he chapters include that of Wordpress, Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, J2SE, Intel codenames etc

Edition : 3
Binding : Paperback
ISBN 13 : 9788128005800
Date of Publishing : 2011-10-11
Language : English
Number of Pages: 365