Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure
Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure
Author : Tim Harford

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Publisher : Little Brown

ISBN 13 : 9781408701522

Edition : 1

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About the Book:

Everything we know about solving the world s problems is wrong.
Out: Plans, experts and above all, leaders.
In: Adapting - improvise rather than plan; fail, learn, and try again

In this groundbreaking new book, Tim Harford shows how the world s most complex and important problems - including terrorism, climate change, poverty, innovation, and the financial crisis - can only be solved from the bottom up by rapid experimenting and adapting.

From a spaceport in the Mojave Desert to the street battles of Iraq, from a blazing offshore drilling rig to everyday decisions in our business and personal lives, this is a handbook for surviving - and prospering - in our complex and ever-shifting world.


About the Author:

Tim Harford is a member of the FINANCIAL TIMES editorial board. His column, The Undercover Economist , which reveals the economic ideas behind everyday experiences, is published in the FINANCIAL TIMES and SLATE. He is also the only economist in the world to run a problem page, Dear Economist , in which FINANCIAL TIMES readers personal problems are answered tongue-in-cheek with the latest economic theory.

His first book, THE UNDERCOVER ECONOMIST, has sold 600,000 copies worldwide in over twenty languages

He presented the BBC television series TRUST ME, I M AN ECONOMIST and now presents the BBC radio series MORE OR LESS. He has written for ESQUIRE, FORBES, NEW YORK MAGAZINE, WIRED, the WASHINGTON POST and the NEW YORK TIMES. He won the 2006 Bastiat Prize for economic journalism.

Before becoming a writer, Tim worked for Shell, the World Bank and as a tutor at Oxford University, from where he earned an MPhil in economics in 1998. He now lives in London with his wife and two daughters.

Edition : 1
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN 10 : 1408701529
ISBN 13 : 9781408701522
Language : English
Number of Pages: 320