A Country for  Men
A Country for Men
Author : Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon (RKSJ)

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Publisher : Blackbuck Publication

ISBN 13 : 9781629519067

Edition : 1


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About the Book:

This book tells the ugly truth about India.
A girl born in India is considered to be a liability right from her birth, she has to suffer at difference stages of her life from the very people who are supposed to love her, cherish her.
The increasing number of incidents of rapes and other dreadful acts against women had made things worse for them. now they aren't safe even inside their homes.
The book is the historical, geographical and social view of the hate culture that the women are forced upon.


About the Author:

Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon (RKSJ) has always taken a keen interest in travelling and the questions about life, which are hard to answer. An engineer by profession and a writer by passion; after being in and out of many jobs his passion have taken over his profession and he is now totally driven towards writing. After the success of his first book, A Short Affair Called Life, he has written a much bolder book. This book is all about the injustice the women of this country face every day.

Edition : 1
Binding : Paperback
ISBN 13 : 9781629519067
Date of Publishing : Coming Soon
Language : English
Number of Pages: 150